Machinery Vibration: Balancing1994 (322pp, 198 illus, ISBN: 0071348611)

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Machine Vibration: Balancing

From the fundamentals of balancing to the latest advanced techniques, the book explains the full range of mass balancing methods in use today, including balancing with no instruments, single-plane balancing, the four-run method without phase, two-plane balancing, the static-couple method, flexible rotor balancing, and balancing nonrotating parts.

Machinery Vibration: Balancing shows you how to implement simple methods to mass balance without expensive instruments, and explores such topics as the vector mathematics of balancing, mass centering, index balancing, and designs for balance weights.

Featuring hundreds of illustrations, real-world case studies, and worked-out problems, this essential on-the-job reference will give you the information and know-how required to solve any balancing problem on any piece of equipment.

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