Machinery Vibration: Alignment2000 (384pp, ISBN: 007071939X)

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Machine Vibration: Alignment

The misalignment of shafts and other components is one of the most common causes of vibration and failures. Here, at last, is a practical handbook that enables you to eliminate this costly problem.

Written by a pioneering engineer and author in the field, this easy-to-follow, step-by-step resources shows you how to:

  • Diagnose Misalignment using vibration instruments, dial indicators, hand feel, and visual observations.
  • Perform Precision Alignments using dial indicators, lasers, optical and electronic measuring instruments. Graphical plotting techniques are illustrated with examples of the reverse-indicator method, face-and-rim, and many variations.
  • Move Machines from small ones to the largest ones with orchestrated positioning techniques.
  • Judge Acceptability with alignment tolerances based on speed and stresses at the joints.
  • Deal with Complicating Factors such as faulty foundations, bent shafts, soft foot, bar sag, piping strain, and thermal growth.
  • Align Specific Machines from normal two-machine one-coupling horizontal systems, to long drive shafts, large and heavy machines, multiple machine trains, vertical shafts, single-bearing generators, and reciprocating machines.

This authoritative guide also covers bearing alignments, gear alignment, and pulley alignments. It also includes specific chapters on couplings, optical tooling, and laser systems. Plus a valuable appendix contains generic alignment specifications and drawings to make an alignment fixture.

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