Our specialty is finding solutions to vibration problems at our customers’ locations. There are no travel limitations; most of our equipment is portable and battery powered to operate in the most remote locations.

We use state-of-the-art instruments, such as FFT spectrum analyzers. Experience with many classes of machines and knowledge acquired with on-site vibration analysis and consultation results in a prompt solution to vibration problems. Machine Dynamics is geared to root-cause analysis in the most professional manner.

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Vibration Monitoring Programs

We can periodically survey your equipment for developing mechanical problems. With a digital signal analyzer we can check the balance condition, bearings, alignment, wear, looseness, structural defects, flow conditions, and some motor electrical problems. Typical monitoring intervals are monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and even annual surveys. You specify the equipment to be monitored and the interval. Cost is typically $25.00 per machine at each interval. We would be glad to provide a free quotation after a walk through of your facility.

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Vibration Analysis

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Our vibration analysts are prepared to measure vibration and perform vibration analysis on equipment and/or structures. We perform acceptance testing, startup vibration measurements, troubleshooting analysis, and routine machine health monitoring. In addition, we perform force-response measurements for frequency-response functions, transmissibility, accelerance, mobility, and dynamic stiffness as well as their reciprocals. We use the following instruments:

  • DI-2200 Realtime FFT Analyzers, 2-channel
  • HP 3560A Dynamic Signal Analyzer, 2-channel
  • Norsonic Type 118 Integrating-Averaging Sound Level Meter
  • CEL 266 Type 1 Sound Level Meter
  • Genrad Sound Level Meters
  • Wilcoxon General Purpose Accelerometers
  • PCB General Purpose Accelerometers
  • PCB 393C Seismic Accelerometer
  • Wilcoxon 731 Seismic Accelerometers
  • Vibra-Metrics 1030 Seismic Accelerometers
  • Proximity Probes, Bently-Nevada
  • Bently-Nevada Velocity Transducers
  • Strain Gages
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Instrumented Force Hammers
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In addition to short-term vibration analysis, we can instrument and record dynamic signals over long periods of time. This is routinely done to monitor construction activity in sensitive areas or to understand physical processes over time. Our recording instrumentation includes the following:

  • Gould Windograf 4-channel Chart Recorders
  • Gould Easygraf TA 240 2-channel Chart Recorders
  • TEAC RD-145T 16-Channel Data Recorder
  • IST Model EDR-3 Recorder
  • TEAC RD-135T 8-Channel Data Recorder
  • TEAC RD-130 PCM 8-Channel Data Recorder
  • TEAC RD 111T PCM Data Recorder, 8-channel
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Acoustics & Noise Control

Design Consultation

Noise Isolation

We specify wall and floor construction to minimize air-borne and structure-borne noise transmission into sensitive spaces such as classrooms, multi-unit dwellings, offices, music rooms, recording studios, and theaters.

Architectural Acoustics

We specify surface treatments and recommend room dimensions and shapes to control the quality of sound propagation in enclosed spaces. Any type of occupied space can benefit from good acoustics. Problems such as poor speech intelligibility, excessive occupant noise, and poor speech privacy are among the issues that can be corrected with proper selection and placement of sound absorbing materials. Furthermore, good sound diffusion and propagation in lecture halls, theaters, classrooms, and music rooms will result from appropriately placed reflective materials.

Noise & Vibration Control

We specify sound attenuators, maximum air velocities, isolation of ducts, pipes, and equipment in order to meet appropriate levels of background noise and vibration in occupied spaces. We also provide consultation in space planning for HVAC equipment.

On-site Measurements

Noise Insulation

Field Sound Transmission Class (F-STC), Apparent Sound Transmission Class (A-STC), and Noise Isolation Class (NIC) are among the ratings that can be measured for installed wall partitions and floor/ceiling assemblies. The F-STC rating most closely compares to the laboratory rating of Sound Transmission Class (STC). The A-STC rating includes the effect of flanking paths, such as open-plenum ceilings, doorways, etc. The NIC rating represents the raw sound level drop across the partition, and does not make the corrections for the measurement environment that the F-STC and A-STC ratings do. We perform all of the above tests according to the most recent ASTM standards E336 and E413.

Impact Insulation

Field Impact Insulation Class (F-IIC) rates the effect of footfall noise, and is performed with the use of a standardized tapping machine that conforms to ISO standard 140/6. The tapping machine is placed on the floor of a floor/ceiling assembly while the sound levels are measured in the space below. Corrections are made for the room acoustics in order to achieve a result that closely compares with the laboratory rating of Impact Insulation Class (IIC). We perform this test according to the most recent ASTM standards E1007 and E989.

Reverberation Time

This is the measurement of the time for sound to decay 60 dB. Reverberation time is directly related to the sound absorption present in a space, and is utilized when improving room acoustics and background noise levels.

Mechanical Noise

Using integrating/averaging instruments, we measure background HVAC-related noise levels, environmental noise levels, and report several metrics, including the commonly specified Noise Criteria (NC), Room Criteria (RC), and dBA.

We use the following instruments to support the above measurements:

  • Norsonic N118 Type-1 (Precision) Sound Level Meter/Realtime Analyzer
  • DI-2200 Realtime FFT Analyzers, 2-channel
  • HP 3560A Dynamic Signal Analyzer, 2-channel
  • Cesva MI005 Tapping Machine
  • Genrad Type 1 and 2 Sound Level Meters and Analyzers
  • Genrad 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator
  • CEL 284/2 Acoustical Calibrator
  • CEL 266 Type 1 Sound Level Meter
  • Genrad 1390-B Random Noise Generator
  • Ivie IE-20B Noise Generator
  • Peavy 300 Series Monitor, Equalizer/Power Amplifier
  • Peavy 112DL Loudspeaker
  • Wilcoxon General Purpose Accelerometers
  • PCB General Purpose Accelerometers
  • PCB 393C Seismic Accelerometer
  • Wilcoxon 731 Seismic Accelerometers 10 v/g

Current and recent design consultation projects

  • Design Consultation: Volcano Vista High School - Phase II, Albuquerque, NM
  • Design Consultation: Art Yard Lofts, Santa Fe, NM
  • Design Consultation: The Academy for the Love of Learning, Santa Fe, NM
  • Acoustical Renovation: Eye Associates of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
  • Acoustical Renovation: Montezuma Castle-United World College, Montezuma, NM
  • Acoustical Renovation: First National Bank of Durango, Bayfield, CO
  • Noise Isolation Renovation: Los Alamos National Laboratory off-site offices, Los Alamos, NM

Recent Measurement & Analysis Projects

  • HVAC Noise: Sandia National Laboratories (Mesa Buildings, Anechoic Chamber)
  • HVAC Noise: Los Alamos National Laboratory (NSSB, CINT, EOPS Buildings)
  • F-STC & F-IIC Testing: Marquez Place Lofts, Santa Fe, NM
  • HVAC Noise & Vibration: Volcano Vista High School, Albuquerque, NM
  • Theater Acoustics & F-STC Testing: Taos Plaza Theater Renovation, Taos, NM
  • HVAC Noise: Qwest Building, Santa Teresa, NM
  • HVAC Noise: Santa Fe Southside Library, Santa Fe, NM
  • F-STC Testing : La Posada de Albuquerque Renovation, Albuquerque, NM
  • HVAC Noise Analysis: Christie's Great Estates Offices, Santa Fe, NM
  • Room Acoustics: Botts Hall - Special Collections Library, Albuquerque, NM
  • Room Acoustics & F-STC Testing: Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, NM
  • HVAC Noise: Eastern New Mexico University Communications Center, Portales, NM
  • HVAC Noise: Cramer Hall, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM
  • Structural Noise & Vibration: First Baptist Church, Bloomfield, NM
  • HVAC Noise: Piedra Vista High School, Farmington, NM
  • F-STC & F-IIC Testing: The Lofts at Albuquerque High, Albuquerque, NM
  • HVAC Noise Analysis: Morgan Stanley Offices, Santa Fe, NM

Free Download

A brief tutorial on machine vibration

This tutorial serves as an introduction to our training program, and introduces anyone to the techniques, tools, and benefits of vibration analysis.