In-house Training

The same public training workshops can be presented at your facility with considerable cost savings. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Your personnel do not need to travel, saving airfare, hotel, and meal expenses
  • All of your personnel can be trained in 4-hour shifts while you maintain 50% coverage in your plant.
  • The presentation can be tailored to your specific industry and equipment mix. For example, training given for semiconductor facilities would focus on fans and floor vibration. Water utilities would receive training on pump alignment, bearings, and vertical motor resonances. Pipeline operators would gain knowledge from training on reciprocating machines, high speed turbines, and gearboxes.
  • Your specific problems can be discussed in the classroom, in a group setting.
  • The instructor, Victor Wowk, P.E., can spend an extra day analyzing or diagnosing a current vibration problem at your site.
  • The cost for in-house training is about 50% of the cost of sending ten people to the same public training course.
  • Courses that are not offered publicly, such as laser alignment, are available in a private setting.
  • Some workshops can be reduced from 3-days to 2-days, and combined with others. For example, "Alignment" and "Bearings and Components" is a popular combination.
  • Other technical experts can be brought in to combine "Pumps" with "Alignment", or "Fans" with "Balancing." Machine Dynamics, Inc. has working relationships with other specialist instructors.

Please call (505) 884-9005 for a free, no obligation cost proposal for your training needs.