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Mission Statement:

Machine Dynamics, Inc., is dedicated to correcting vibration problems on machines and structures, and to spreading this predictive maintenance technology through articles, books, and professional training.


Machine Dynamics, Inc., is a veteran-owned, professional consulting firm founded in 1987. We're located in a 3,000-sq.-ft. building in Rio Rancho. We offer the following services: field balancing, shaft alignment, vibration training, acoustic consulting, and machine vibration analysis. Our field-proven alignment fixture is precision machined and assembled at our shop and is available for purchase. We have developed multiple courses in vibration related training including:

  balancing training
  alignment training
  bearing training
  machinery vibration training
  vibration analysis training

This training is based on textbooks written by MDI's founder and president, Victor Wowk, P.E.

Vibration Analysis



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